How Long To Quanrantine for Mites

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    So we just brought a new buck home. We have him quarantined but we JUST finished the three week treatment on our entire herd for mites and it got me thinking - how long would it take (if he had mites from his previous owners place or even newly picked them up from our place) for them to show physical signs of an infestation? How long should I be keeping him separate as a precaution?

    Thanks for your help! ☺️
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    Hmm that's a tough question! I mean they can always carry some mites, you don't really see signs of infestation until they have really bloomed in population!

    Normally folks would quarantine in order to take a blood sample to send to a lab for CAE, CL, and/or Johne's Disease and then wait for those results. Other people also like to deworm goats that are new to their property pretty hard to eliminate new strains of parasites from being shed on the farm and then wait for those eggs to all be shed. I would say average quarantine time is like 3 weeks which is also approximately life cycle of some of the internal parasites.
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    I agree.

    But even then, it can pop up again if any are missed and they crawl to a goat again, they are very hard to get rid of.