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How many breeds of goat are there?

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There are reportedly about 300 separate goat breeds in the world but I've never seen more than 100 or so listed. Wonder who calculated there were 300 and where a person would find such a list? Here is a site that lists over 120. Its interesting reading about each one. Years ago I spent considerable time researching each breed to see if there was one that would be extraordinarily suited to packing with large size and good body structure. I never did find any goats better than what we already have in the US. The Jamnapari goat from India has very long legs but is mainly an ancient Nubian ancestor.

Photos of various goat breeds can also be found here.
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looking at this list I can add several more breeds known in Germany - some almost extinct:

Holländer Schecke - Netherland Scheck
Schwarzwaldziege - Black Forest Goat
Frankenziege - Frankish Goat
Harzer Ziege - Harzer Goat
Weiße Deutsche Edelziege
Bunte Deutsche Edelziege
Waliser Schwarzhalsziege - Swiss Blackneck Goat
Nera Verzasca Goat (Italian breed)
Bulgarische Schraubenhörnige Langhaarziege
Kupferhalsziege - Copperneck Goat
Bündner Strahlenziege
Capra Grigia Ziege
Flämische Ziege
Kempensen geit
Tadschiken Ziege
Juan Fernandez Ziege
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Many of those breeds are rare.
Won't there be a list with the commercially important ones.
I'm guessing the list of 120 IS the one with the commercially important. The 300 come from rare and exotic breeds.
In South Africa I am only aware of
4 milk goat races:
Bunte Deutsche Edelziege (Some German Breed)
British Alpines.

Meet Races are:
- Boer Goat (of course)
- Kalahari Reds
- Savanna
- Nubians

There are also Angora Goats. Other may be there as well. But that's what I know of.
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