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Currently I have:

1 Nubian buck
1 Lamancha buck
3 Nubian milkers
3 Lamancha milkers
1 Oberhasli milk
1 Obermancha doeling
1 Nubian doeling
2 Lamancha wethers for freezer camp in October
1 Lamancha bucking that will probably join the wethers

Next year I will be adding 1 purebred Lamancha doeling and a junior Lamancha buck, plus I will have all the kids from 2014 until sold. If sold.

Many years ago I had a commercial cattle dairy. I also had dairy goats. I decided to milk them into the pipleline and add their milk to the bulk tank. At that time I had 65 dairy goat milkers in addition to about the same amount of cows, plus all the bucks and kids.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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