How much Alfalfa Pellets and BOSS

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by MellonFriend, Jun 20, 2019.

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    I deleted it
    Good luck to all
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    I actually was not aware of the genders of the herd — for some reason I thought only does. My bad, total my bad.

    Either way, as long as there is balance, and no hard well water, I stand by my suggestion.

    My well water leaves calcium deposits on every sink and shower in the house, so I KNOW it’s high in calcium, very high.

    However, if there is no calcium heavy water present, 50/50 alfalfa grain is a good ration for both genders.

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    You actually did not confuse me Mariarose, so no need for apology.

    I am still a but confused about what to do though. Couple things I need to say for clarity. First of all I have two bucks if anyone is wondering. Secondly I don't have to feed them the same things as my does. Lastly I do not have hard, or soft well water. It is somewhere in the mid range.

    While I understand the whole calcium to phosphorus thing is important, I don't understand how adding alfalfa could be bad in my situation when the breeder who I just got my bucks from was feeding a mix of alfalfa hay, and my doe's breeder was feeding alfalfa pellets as well. And they both had higher quality hay. Is it because my food could be higher in calcium than what they were feeding?

    My bucks look so good on alfalfa that I hate to take it out of their diet completely and, I feel like my does could use a boost in something and I feel like since I add the alfalfa pellets they have started to look a bit better, but that could just be the copper bolus kicking in, or the fact that they have been foraging more than they used to.

    How big of a deal is it to have too much calcium in their diet? What would be signs that there is too much? Is there something I could do to up my phosphorus in order to balance it out? Or am I thinking about this all wrong, and should I be doing something other than alfalfa pellets in order to get my girls to look a bit more healthy and maintain the way my boys look?
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    I'd suggest using additional alfalfa, and then going from there. I have trouble getting quality hay, so I depend on alfalfa pellets.
  5. My does have alfalfa pellets free fed 24/7. The eat what they need. They also get a bucket of chaffhaye daily and grass hay. That's all they eat, other than browse they get. The ones in milk get an additional 18% dairy mix on the stand.

    My boys get chaffahaye and a couple of scoops (about 5lbs between the 3 (Nubian, mini-Nubian, and ND)) of alfalfa pellets. They also get some grass hay.

    We've done really well on this.
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