How much grain should they get?

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    Jul 25, 2010
    I feed my does a grain mixture of Sunshine Plus (complete feed pellet) and Goat Sweet feed (which has some pellets too) and hay free choice(timothy/alfalfa mix until i can get some straight alfalfa). They also get fresh grass clippings and other treats (maple leaves, raspberry leaves, etc) They are all ND. I want to know how much grain i should be feeding them.

    1. Bailey lost her baby, so she is just providing milk for us and lately some for Chara's babies (milks approx 2 cups/day). I am feeding her about 2 cups grain/day

    2. Chara has 4 babies. I have been giving her a cup and a half grain 3-4 times a day (she seems hungry alot) for a total of 4.5 - 6 cups/day

    3. Mink has 3 babies. She has been getting slightly less than Chara, maybe closer to 4-5 cups/day.

    No one is getting fat, no one is losing condition. It seems like a lot of grain, but I don't want Chara or Mink losing weight or running out of milk. Do the amounts sound high, low, or just right?
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    When my girls are in milk, they get 2 cups of 18% goat feed twice a day as well as alfalfa hay and freechoice minerals, mine have never fed more than triplets but if I do see any of them losing condition I do increase the amounts they get. They also get 1 1/2 oz of Goat Balancer pellets as a topdress.

    How many times a day are you milking Bailey? Is she a FF?
    I ask this because her yield will increase when she hits peak production at about 6-8 weeks fresh, the more you take the more she'll make.

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    Jul 25, 2010
    Yes Bailey is a FF. I am milking her twice a day. The last couple days I milk her out and then wait about 5 minutes (while she finishes her treats, and i wash the milking stuff) and milk another 1/4 cup or so for Chara's babies - Aurora gets first dibs, and if there is any extra, i've been stuffing her next smallest brother, and if there is still some left, i feed one of the big boys - if nothing else it gets them all used to a bottle. The funny thing is, the only one who ever resists is Aurora, everyone else seems fine with the bottle once i get the nipple in their mouth and they realize there is food attached.