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Hi guys, my flock has started kidding a little unexpectedly, but overall we seen to be managing ok. The only problem is my ewes seem to have trouble keeping up with the kids' demands for milk. We have started adding Maxiwol to their feed and I'm hoping that will boost their milk supply.
We have had an unusual number of triplets born this year, probably due to having consistently fed the goats a little extra, we are experiencing a severe drought. Now with every set of triplets there have been a weakling who needed a little bit extra help. Also some other kids who were born a little weak were given a little extra help just to get them on their feet. Now whenever you catch a ewe, to help the ones that still truly need a little help, e.g one kid's mom has no milk whatsoever, a whole bunch of kids storm the ewe and also want a sip. We try and keep them at a distance, but it's near impossible.
How do I wean them off the extra help, without compromising their health? Off course providing their moms CAN provide for them. Because at the moment it's like having 15 orphan kids. :(
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