How much should I be feeding?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Stacyross79, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Feb 11, 2011
    Hi! I am new to Boer goats and was wanting some opinions on feeding. My son is in 4-H and here in WV you have to own the nanny and the baby has to be born after Jan. 1

    Sally had her baby on Feb.7 and the fair is the last week in July. The baby weighed 11 pounds at birth. The baby has to weigh between 60-100 pounds. How much should I be feeding the mom while she is nursing and how much should I feed the baby when she starts eating grain?

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    I'm not good with boers specifically but my advice wold be a good second cutting grass hay fed free choice for mom. Once baby is 2 weeks old offer him his own grain (may need to remove from mom so she doesn't eat the grain intended for the kid). As he gets older the more you can feed him.

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    Awww congrats on the new baby! I am still learning about what to give, what not to give and how much :)
    Here's a post that might help with some of what you can feed mama:

    I have 5 week old twins right now - sire is a boer and dam is boer/nubian.
    They started nibbling at hay the first week, and grain about 3weeks old. I make sure they have access to hay 24/7, at night when I stall them and mama I offer them alfalfa hay that they enjoy together.

    I feed my doe 2x a day, right now she just eats grain - no additives because she is a picky eater and doesn't like her grain messed with! BRAT :)
    When I go in to feed her, I put her kids in a seperate stall and offer them a handful of grain, and I do this with each of mama's feedings. They are finishing off the handful, so I'll slowly increase the amount.
    When I bed them down at night they go to town on the alfalfa...

    I also make sure my goats have access to loose mineral as well. And I like buying those supplemental blocks, I think it's just called a goat block? They love it and it's good for them.

    I know it's not good to give a LOT of protein, so I try to balance things out through the day grain-grass hay-grain-grass hay-alfalfa....

    Sorry I wish I was more help :)
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    You could make a "creep" -- a little box or pen for the baby that the mother can not get into. The creep should be warm and inviting -- maybe have a heat lamp or a couple of lightbulbs protected by hardware cloth so that they don't touch anything or get broken or catch fire. The box or pen should be draft-free on two or three sides, and maybe have a curtain over the door. I've seen nice ones made out of dog houses or water barrels (keep vertical, with heat lamp near top, and kids at floor level).

    A very palatable feed to start out baby ruminants (sheep and goats) is soybean meal. Or you can buy a grower feed or pelleted food. Or Calf Manna. The baby should be allowed to have unlimited access to the feed, plus some mineral, hay and water of its own. You put it inside a creep -- a pen or box with a door that only the baby can enter, so that mom doesn't get in and over-eat.

    Grain or pelleted feed actually helps the rumen develop faster, so that the baby can become independent from mom's milk faster. It will grow more efficiently if you start it out with a creep like this. OR you could just let it eat whatever mom is eating.