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How often to clean

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Hey all!
I have a barn with concrete floors how often should I clean the goaties stalls in the winter months? And what is best to use for ammonia when I strip them?
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Hi, I have a stall in my garage with a concrete floor. We scrape it down and use a bleach solution on it.The when it dries I barn lime it and add plenty of bedding...hope this helps.
Oh, I clean as I see it needs it...would depend on size of goat and stall...
In Winter I deep bed so instead of cleaning out each week I put a layer of lyme ontop of the old bedding and lay down a new layer of bedding. It makes Spring clean out super hard but it helps keep my goats warmer thru the cold months. If there were ever any smell to it I would strip it out all the way but it does not get smelly.
A strong ammonia smell would not be good for the goats so from time to time get down close to the ground and take a deep whif. If it smells fine they should be fine if you gag they need that cleaned out for their health.
I have stall mats in my goat stalls. I have it set up so one is a feeding/potty stall, the other is their sleeping stall. In their sleeping stall I bed with watered down wood pellet bedding, with straw on top. In their feed/potty stall I use about a half bag of pellets, then water them down and spread it out in the middle of the stall. That lasts about 4 days, then I strip it out. As long as I keep the feed stall clean, they really don't pee in their bedding all that much.
Dosent the water keep there bedding area moist all of the time..... I use the pellets under straw to absorb urine..... They get pretty fluffy when wet:)

There are so many diff ways to do things it's crazy... Hehe there is no odor now and it's been a few weeks..
I noticed when I cleaned stalls every day there was much more ammonia smell... It seems odd .... But I sit down in the stall to talk to the girls almost everyday and no stink yet:)
The trick is to find out what works for you. I generally don't clean out anything except kidding pens in the winter time because the manure pack provides heat as it is decomposing. I spread barn lime and then re-bed. Come the spring thaw I clean out everything.
Sounds like a plan to me:) .... Not gonna be fun in the spring though:( thanx
Yes, you are absolutely right on that one! I figure it's worth it for the benefit of my girls during the winter, but cleaning out sheds in the spring really sucks!
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