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How pregnant is she??

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Hello all! We got Olivia on August 31st this past summer. The farmer told us she was already pregnant. We didn't see signs until about a month and a half two months ago. She is a small Pygmy who weighs around 20-25 pounds. These are pictures of her now. Would anyone be able to guesstimate how far along she is? And give me any pointers to help her when it is time?? Thanks so much!

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I'm in the same boat as you right now too! We got two Nigerians and the lady had kept them with the buck, she told us Christmas was her guess but wasn't sure. One has no udder, but very puffy from behind. The other has a small udder, but isn't puffed at all. I can feel the kids moving around in there, but without a real good estimation I'm just waiting. I swear I'm going to go out one morning and find kids.
I know that didn't answer your question at all, sorry! Good luck
If you wrote down the day you 1st noticed her starting to bag, you can usually figure 6-8 weeks with young does and 4-6 with older does. This is just my experience and every doe differs.

Only way to know for sure is to just watch for the signs. Hollowing around tail head...which equates to ligaments turning to mush, swelling vulva, filling teats (strutting bag...none of my Boers do this)...etc.

You's a waiting game. Got one due now that's driving me crazy!
Very cute! Glad all went well and Santa was good to you. :)
So cute. :)
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