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I have Nubians and a couple of Nigerian Dwarfs. I keep the Nigies in a pen with a roof that is fully enclosed.

I keep the Nubians in a large pasture fenced with cattle fencing.

I'm wondering if I should be concerned about predators.

My property is fully fenced 2 acres, but I'm quite confident a predator could walk right in if he wanted. There are areas where the perimeter fence is only 4 ft tall.

We do have coyotes and the occasional cougar in these parts and deer do come through the neighborhood.

However, I have dogs that stay outside. Several large Belgian Malinois. Thing is, they are in enclosed dog runs about 75 feet away from the goat enclosures. So while they'd make a ruckus if something came on the property, they'd not do much in the actual protecting department.

We also have motion activated security lights.

My chickens have been free ranged for years and sleep on my perimeter fence and have always been fine.

So how big of a risk is it to leave the goats out? I feel like it's pretty safe, but I'm also not one to take big chances.

I'm not concerned about the big guys. But we are ready to move our 3.5 mo buckling out and he's still little.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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I'd be afraid that the predators would figure out the dogs are all noise and no action. Can you run some hot wires along the upper and lower part of the fence? Your little guy may not be safe at all. A cougar would take down a full size goat if hungry enough. (The Fla. ones would, they go after calves, too)
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