HOW TO: Administer shots to goats (sub-q)

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    Can anyone provide a detailed direction for how to give goats shots? Even needle size, etc.?
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    Needle size depends on the medication. Some meds are thicker and won't go through a smaller gauge needle. (Side note: the bigger the gauge number, the skinnier the needle) The smallest I use is a 20 gauge. I use an 18 gauge for thicker meds like LA 200. In all honesty, my goats never seem to care what gauge I use. I just used a honkin' 16 gauge that the vet gave me for a med for my Nigerian and she never even flinched.

    1. Get out all your materials: rubbing alcohol, cotton ball, med or vaccine, sterile syringe and needle (or a syringe and needle combo).

    2. Restrain your goat or have someone hold them.

    3. Load the needle onto your syringe, but leave it capped.

    4. Use the cotton ball to rub alcohol on the rubber top of the med bottle (If there's still a metal seal on the med bottle, you'll need to remove that).

    5. Now comes a minor point of debate: Option A: Uncap the needle and pull the syringe back for however many cc's you'll be giving. Put the needle through the rubber top of the bottle and plunge the air into the bottle. Then tip the bottle upside down (Needle still inserted) and draw out a little more med than you plan to give. Tap the side of the syringe a couple of times to get any air bubbles to the end and press the plunger to push the bubbles and excess med out so you only have the proper dose in the syringe. REemove the needle and cap it again until you're ready to give the shot.

    Option B: Skip the plunging air into the med. (I usually choose this option unless the med is brand new and won't let me easily pull the plunger back.)

    6. For SQ shots, I usually try to find some loose skin somewhere near one of the front legs. If you look at this link and scroll down a ways, you'll see some great photos of folks making a "tent" of the skin for the injection. They give theirs the same way I do.

    So pull the skin up, uncap your needle and push it into the tent - making sure it doesn't poke through the other side. (Been there, done that). Also make sure it doesn't go through the tent into your hand (Been there, done THAT too!). Inject the med fairly quickly and pull the needle out.

    7. I usually rub the site a bit afterward (I rub it ALOT when I give CDT shots...).

    8. If you have multiple goats to dose, then you only need a new needle. You can reuse the syringe.

    There...I hope that helps!!!

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    Nice work.

    Very well said. ;)
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    Very well said. The only thing I can add is that depending on what you are giving, the medicine, vitamin, or what have you, will instruct you on giving it subcutaneously or intramuscular. Subcutaneously(SQ subq) you make a tent in the skin, like mentioned. Intramuscular(IM) you inject it into the muscle.