How to get rid of lice eggs?

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    May 15, 2020
    So my goat had an outbreak of lice i treated the whole herd and did a follow up and havent seen a single one since the first treatment but the eggs are still there now its been 4 weeks and 2 treatments later with no signs of living buggers so im sure they are dead an the eggs that hatched have died off as well but there are still eggs in the hair form the first treatment, now i dont really care sure it looks bad i know that with time they will fall off or when i give the goats a hair cut but im selling both the kids that were born over a month ago and they had a treatment as well and there are some eggs on the back of their heads again im sure they are all dead i treated them with the rest of the herd but i am worried about the sight of the eggs being a turn off for the buyer is there any way to get them off i gave the doeling a bath with shampoo an no luck.
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    You could try using clean cooking oil to losen the eggs. Then brush as much as you can. The cooking oil can be washed out with animal friendly shampoo.
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    I used a flea comb.
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