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how to help my goat.

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One of my girls is pooping clumps. they are pellets clumped together. When I find out which one it is how should I treat. I am going out to set with them now and try to find out.. Thanks will check back later.
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How big is she?? My goat had something like that and gave her peptmo bismo. Then some electrolytes (bananas). Then you should separate her from the rest just in case it could be contagious.
wouldnt treat just yet...Clumpy poop can be a few things...too much greens, too much grain, too mych minerals..too much new feed, worm load...give it a day or so see how she does..I dont treat unless its runny....
if she is eating, drinking, peeing fine..bright eye, alert chewing a cud..all normal things then I wouldnt worry...most the time it will straighten out just fne without help..
might be good to have a fecal run to be sure its not worms..
take her temp (101.5-103.5 is normal range)
Watch for things to get more loose...if so action maybe needed...
I just had a fecal done a few weeks ago and they said all was fine. Even had them check for cocci. She seems fine except for the clumpy poop. She is one I just got recently so maybe she is still adjusting to life here. They do eat a lot of green in the pasture. Thank you I will keep an eye on her and will check her temp just to be sure as soon as someone comes home to help me..
I agree that it could be dietary or something, and not something that really needs to be treated.. Unless you add probiotics.. That never hurts.. :)
I agree with Cathy, give her a few days, take her temp, and see how she does :)
Goats are just like any other animal. Sometimes things don't set well with them and the just need a day or so to clear it out.

Giving Probios never hurts to do.
Yep..sounds like you are home, new pasture, new feed and hay...she just needs to can cut back on the grain a bit until she berries up..then re introduce it back slowly..;)
How is she today?
Erica its not Keri it is Kadee. I got her after I got keri. She is still clumpy waiting for my daughter to get home gonna check her temp again and watch her tonight to see how she does. She is acting alright just want to stay on top of it so it won't turn into something serious.
it's always ok to err on the side of caution. i noticed in the pictures she is bigger than the other girls so maybe she pigged out on everyone else's feed. she will probably be fine tomorrow. if she has actual diarhea give her some pepto and i would give her probios today in any case.
Is it still berries clumped? With the leaves falling maybe she is just gorging on leaves and not eating enough hay to make it into individual pellets.
I gave her some probios tonight and will check her again tomorrow. Its still berrys but all clumped toether. Will let you know what I find tomorrow with her.
I didn't have any luck catching her going today so will try again tomorrow. Gave her some more probios tonight. She was pretty active today so it doesn't seem to be bothering her..
I gave the goat stall a good cleaning yesterday and this morning there was no clumps of poop so I guess she is back to normal now. Still will keep an eye on her for a couple days. Thanks for the help and advice.
Probios is something you could actually give daily for their lifetime if you want. So don't hesitate to use it.

Glad her stool is fine now.
Glad to hear she is doing good!! :)

Yep, I use Probios any time I get even a tad worried about anything... Just to keep that rumen going as good as I can.. And I always like to give it when I give other meds.. Makes me feel better I guess lol!
lol Skyla are you taking it or giving it to the goats. lol. Well you said it made you feel better..
Your too funny! No I don't take it :p lol makes me feel better giving it to the goats! Lol!
It doesn't smell very appetizing anyway lol! No way would I be trying it!
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