how to help the kids take the cold.

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    Sep 2, 2009
    We are having bad windy raining weather the next few days. I of course had one kid born sat, and 5 kids born today... give me all your suggestions to help keep them warm. They have shade and Im gonna get some straw bedding. Dont have the funds to go buy sweaters, not sure I could find ones that fit anyways. Ive heard people use socks for sweaters. How does this work? Please post suggestions for keeping kids warmer!! :) Thanks all!!
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    Heat lamps....

    Take some rags and make shift them into a sweater..... tying them on..some way... :wink: Plenty of bedding....and a nice shelter....

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    We have nigerians and they are small enought to use socks. I just cut the end out of one of my kid's fuzzy, fleece socks, and then cut 2 small holes out for legs to go through. Put your goat in and a-la-goat sweater. I have also picked up 'christmas' onesies and sweatshirts on clearance and used them. Goats wear 'Grandmas Christmas Present' sweatshirts in March, but who's keeping track! :)
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    Depends on where you are...if you have a way to keep them inside out of the weather, they'll be fine with a deep bed of straw or wasted hay.
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    I used 18mo old toddler fleece sweatshirts cut the arms out of them and put them on. To keep them from dragging the bottom around <especially with a boy ---peeing---- I took some twin, folded the end of the shirt up estimating how short I needed it to be, put holes in it, ran the twin through the holes, and tied on top of the back so I could take in/out slack as needed. This worked GREAT for my 2 boer kids born at the beginning of the month.

    At least your kids are born, and can start adjusting to cooler temps, and not born during the storm. Hopefully they can stay out of the wind, that will help. BTW, I use tarp for everything, not kidding LOL So if you have some windy places and have tarp, you can use tarp and some twine or some kind of rope to tie it around the area to help block the wind. We haven't installed a barn door yet, and I keep a tarp over it at night when it's nasty out, and it works great :)