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How to hitch your goats together for leading on the trail

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How do you hitch one goat to the next on the trail in areas where you need to lead them? What about if they are not carrying packs yet? Directions please. :roll:
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We usually hook to the back crossbuck of the next goat in front of them. If they don't have saddles then you are limited to tying them to each others collars or halters. Just make sure to tie them in the normal order in which they hike or you'll have a tangled up mess. Well... most likely you are going to have a tangled up mess anyway but at least you'll stand a better chance of sucess if you tie them in the proper order.
There are only two of them so hopefully it won't be too big of a tangled mess! :lol:

Do you think halters or collars are the best choice?
I It should be manageable then. ;)
Regarding halters or collars you may need both. Halters will allow more control of the goat on a lead. If you stop for any reason and need to tie the goat out you will need to have a collar on them. It is dangerous to tie a goat out using a halter. At least with my 3 boys I like having both. I feel more prepared on the trail.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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