How to Know if Goats Need Copper

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    Aug 29, 2016
    I have some goats I know definitely need it since they're starting to get the fish tail and really furry back legs (furry pants as I like to call them), but there are two does in particular I'm questioning. Their coats aren't too bad, but they are starting to get a tiny bit of brown in their black fur. No fish tail present. I'm just so scared of overdosing them. I didn't even know copper deficiency was a thing until recently Then I realized how much some of my goats fit the description.
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    According to 4 separate large animal vets that I listened to at a parasite conference here in Maine, you can give copper as often as every 4 weeks. In fact, that was how often they recommended giving it in the warmer months to keep parasites at bay. However, they didn't specify dosage levels. I had a goat who was very deficient and mega dosed her at 4 week intervals. I dosed my other does at a "normal" level every 6 weeks. They all look super now!

    Chances are the girls who are only showing a slight need will do better if you dose them now so they don't get as bad as the others. The others may need to be dosed a little more often until they are looking better. Once you have everyone looking sharp and healthy, you can try cutting back to a little less often or use lower doses.

    I think you'd have to really work at it to overdose your goats - especially if you live in a copper deficient area.
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    I would definitely give them some. Even if they're only showing slight symptoms, they still need it and it's basically impossible to OD.
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    Thanks guys! Now I don't feel so intimidated. I just don't want to hurt my goats. But if it takes a lot to do so, that makes me feel better.
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    Just make sure you're using the copper oxide bolus.
    Copper sulfate is poisonous in too high of doses.
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