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Udders are very important when it comes to choosing a ND buck. His dam should have a well conformed udder and udders on the sire's side should be good as well. If they are, then i'd look at his conformation. Does he have nice general appearance? How is his topline? Does he have a nice rump? Correct legs? Etc. You want something as close to the ideal breed standard as possible. Not every goat is perfect and you can work with minor flaws, but remember a buck is half your herd. So the nicer the buck...the nicer the kids. Pedigree is also something I take into account. Does he have a known, proven pedigree? Not every quality buck has a great pedigree, but it does help to have animals behind him who are proven in the show ring, milk testing, linear appraisals, etc. Also, if he's an adult buck and has daughters...take a close look at them. Are they quality does? Do they have nice udders? There are plenty of outstanding bucks out there and not outrageously priced either. So take your time and find the "right" one for your herd.
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