How to properly separate a ND buckling?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by FarmandFiber, May 16, 2010.

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    Jun 30, 2009
    This year we are blessed with a beautiful boy (Nigerian Dwarf) that we are going to keep intact because of his wonderful confirmation and history of his parents. I usually wether my males so am not sure of the best way to separate our new buckling.

    Details: He was born one of triplets- another boy we neutered who is going to a new home in a month (they are all 8 weeks now) and a doe sibling. My other doe had a single doeling who is also sold. The only other boys I have are my two bucks and the 5yr. old wether who hangs out with them. Can I wait till he is 12 weeks and put him with the guys? I don't want him to be injured.

    My other two does are due any day, so maybe he will have other playmates. I just don't want him to
    impregnate any of the ladies. Thanks for your help!! :?

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    When I decided to keep Teddy intact 2 years ago, he was the only kid left here at 9 weeks old. I could not chance him doing any damage to my girls so I had no choice but to put him in with his sire as well as my pygmy buck..they were 4 and 1 year at the time. Teddy adjusted very well and he stood his ground when the bigger boys got too rough. I also fed him separately to ensure there was no food aggression and he got what he needed.
    I ultimately had to wether Teddy because he was just "too much buck" for the other boys.

    I truly think that your little guy will be fine with the big boys, put him in with them supervised and see how they do, I bet he soon realizes that he is a buck.