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I've been getting a few questions on a spell check function. There is a free spell check utility for Internet Explorer at; ... d=10603528

Simply click on the download link and follow the directions. If you aren't familiar with downloading software it will pop up a window asking what you want to do. Click "Save" and then select a place on your computer where you can find the downloaded file. I usually put it on my "Desktop". Once the down load is complete go to the file on your computer and double click on it. Select the "Open" or "Run" button and it should pretty much take care of itself from there. When the installation is complete you can delete the original install file on the desk top.

The "Spell Check" option should show up in the menu if you "right click" on the selection as well as the "tools" menu at the top. Its free for private use and is an invaluable add on. It is best for Internet Explorer but does work with several other web browsers such as AOL, MSN, NetCaptor, NeoPlanet etc. With these other browsers the spell check function is available in the "right click" menu only.
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