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How to tell she has been bred

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Is there a way to tell a doe has been bred? Here is a close up pooch shot. The second photo isn't a very good pic but I thought it was hilarious.


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Second pic is hysterical!

I'd say yes, but am very new...
I have been a bit of a perv attempting to master the pooch test lol. But this is what I have learned on my adventure :) the does that have been bred recently they are a bit swelled like your girl. You can also see on the hair on her tail that they are clumped together from semen and her yes you can tell and yes your girl has been bred :)
"The hay you lookin' back there, weirdo?" :laugh:

My first thought was yes, but if you have a before picture of her pooch for comparison, that can be very helpful. :)
Here is a photo take about 6 weeks ago. I did notice her tail hair was clumped.


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Oh man...I cant stop laughing at the second picture and Danielle's saying !
I still say yes because of the clumpy hair unless she had the runs at some point. ;)
Nope no runs at all.
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