How to utilize male goats (that you aren't allowed to kill)

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    Hi, i am doing some work in Afghanistan for an NGO. This NGO has some goats (male and female) that they want to "do something useful with" which is easy enough for the females but the big catch for the males is they don't want to kill the males... so, i am trying to figure out how else to practically use male goats without selling them or using them for meat. It is their hope that a non-lethal but practical use for them can be thought of. Any suggestions would really be appricated!


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    Casterate the males and mae them into weedeaters. They do wonderful with foraging and cleaning up areas that are over populated with weeds or bushes.

    Other then that and pets - to many males are useless and best for meat - unless they can sell them off.

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    or pack or driving goats.
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    Yep, pack goats. So, are you in Afghanistan now? Somebody tell me what NGO is so I don't feel so dumb. :?
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    non-governmental organization- like Red Cross or UNICEF, etc

    Are you talking intact males like bucks or wethers? Because intact males would most not have their mind on anything but the girls during the rut season.
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    Thanks for the input. These goats are (so far) intact and I'm working on convinving this org on the benefits of castration.

    Sorry, i get so accustomed to just saying NGO (which everyone in the development sector knows but outside of that its a semi-obscure anacronym). And yes, i am still in Afghanistan trying to figure out different (non-leathal) ways of using these goats.

    I came across another forum that was talking about using leftover (from dehairing) cashmere/outer-hair for making a felt of sorts, does anyone know about that and where i might be able to find more information (there is a ethnic group in central afghanistan that make something like matted wool rugs which i would think would be roughly similar to felt)
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    Wait til sweetgoats checks in- she does fiber stuff and was talking about felting.

    But why no goat eating?
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    I have the same problem, only it's falling in love with our new male goats that prevent any goat eating. Both my husband and myself are totally incapable of killing and we both fell in love with our new little bucks. They have such awesome personalities and are so sweet. We play with them daily, so wethering and keeping them for clean up sounds pretty good.
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    I agree castrate and use as pack/carting goats.
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    This was very old, I wonder what they ended up doing.