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Howdy from Texas!

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Hi everyone, new member here from Hondo, TX about 30 miles west of San Antonio. The wife and I have been considering adding a few goats to the family and came across this forum and it looks like a good place to get some questions answered and do some research before diving in. We have about 6 acres that is fully fenced (although I am not sure if the fencing will stand up to the goats). We have a pecan orchard of 100 or so trees (any issues with the goats/pecans?) and a barn where we could put some pens (do they need individual pens or is a communal pen okay?). We were hoping to let them roam the entire property but it may be better to have a smaller dedicated pen. Just a few of the things we need to find out, along with the best breeds for Texas. Thanks in advance for all the help!
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Welcome! A communal pen is fine, all my girls & their off spring are always together.
The buck & his wether buddy separate of course.;)
Goats will strip the bark off those trees.
Welcome to the forum!

I'm not sure about pecans and goats. I do know that if anything the community pen would be better. All of my goats (excluding the bucks) are housed in one big pen (about 5-8 acres). I have always had multiple goats, but I've heard that they get lonely (they do seem like the specie that would). :D

Welcome once more,

Welcome, glad you are here :)
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