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Hubby finally agreed to start fencing :D Here in the next few weeks (or first of January) we are going to start fencing a few pastures off for goats here on our 50 acres!!! Right now it is just fenced for horses so we are sectioning off a couple of pastures and adding Hog Wire (net wire) to the already existing barb wire. We have got a really nice BIG barn that just needs a little more work to a few of the stalls and the tack room and then it will be ready to go :D So within the next couple of months my goats will finally get to move over here with me instead of being at my father's farm!!!! I am ssssooooo............ excited!!!! I will try and get pics of our barn and land to post on here, everyone will just have to keep in mind that the barn is still a work in progress Right now we are planning on fencing off three nice size pastures to start with so I can get the goats moved over here. Then we are going to work on fencing the rest for goats as we can :D :D :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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