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    We have Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale!! We have 11 Does and 1 Buck listed on our website for sale, and we also have a Doe and a Doeling that we haven't added to the website yet that are also for sale. All Does are POSSIBLY bred (but we cannot guarantee them bred), unless otherwise stated in their listing on my website. All Brown-Eyed Does are priced AT $100 each and the Buck is priced at $75. We have reduced the prices on all of these girls, so these prices are firm. Does range in age from 1.5 years old to 5 years old. All grown Does are proven producers! If we decide to add any of our Blue-Eyed Does to the list then they will be priced a little higher than the Brown-Eyed Does. For pictures of these goats please visit our website at

    My Husband and I have decided to start a family, so we are trying to get the herd down to no more than 15 goats. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected], PM me here, or reply to this post. Thank you!