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Hunching back?

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Can anyone explain what my goats are doing? I have 2 Oberhasli wethers... just about 6 months old... both peeing, pooping, eating normally but I have noticed every so often I catch them hunching their backs and "humping" the air...they don't get a ton of grain... 1/2 C Noble goat mixed with 1/2 C timothy pellets each am and pm so I'm not sure if it is urinary related or not... any ideas??
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Typical male goat behavior. Hormones still there...even male goats will "please themselves" if not run with does for a while. We notice this in bulls quite a bit as well. I had a buck run past my deer stand a few years ago and stop dead in his tracks to my doe-in-heat smell. He turned and immediately extended and started humping the air! Talk about a riot! Lol
They also posture for dominance. ;)
Male goats and hormones...wethers and even does will do this. Totally normal...weird to see...but normal. :laugh:
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