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I am excited about a plain blk yearling doe!

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yearling blk with a bit of white yearling doe.

She is looking so nice! i cant wait to get a photo of her.
She has a 9 week ish old doeling and she is being a great mom. (was not planned)

ok so i just copied and paste so i didnt have to write her whole pedigree out.
I also have her dam who I am trying to sell. It seems like her dam produces kids more on the bucks side then her side so far.

so just had to share how excited I am for this yearling. I am debating on if i should give her next year off since I normally dont have does have kids until they are 1.5-2 yrs old.

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Congrats :)
She’s very pretty 😍
Congrats [mention]daisymay [/mention] she’s really Beautiful
What a pretty doe. :)
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Oh she is adorable beautiful! A huge congrats! I think my favorite color pattern is solid colors so i think you did well
She was a tiny little thing when I brought her home. Another unplanned purchase.haha
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