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We farm way out in the country so its hard for me to use the Internet but if there are pictures that would help please let me know and I'll try to get them today and upload them tonight when we are in the city. I have five doe goats and one buck. I bought the buck and three does on January 14. They were supposedly pregnant and had been exposed to the buck in nov and dec. in early may the vet was out for a cow issue and started ultrasound ing the goats. He did them outside with his hand cupped around the monitor because it was so bright outside. There were two out of the three that iwas pretty sure were pregnant and I had him do those two first. He said they weren't and I said we'll then we might as well stop there as they had been with the buck longer than my two. Three days later I'm standing in the field and see that my sanaan lamancha doe has a giant udder. She I'm quite certain is pregnant and lost her plug two Fridays ago.

The buck had been at someone else's farm from february 17 and I brought him back three Saturdays ago. So total the buck was here from jan 14 -feb 17 and then came home three Saturdays ago He seemed interested in my bred doe and her u bred mother and not very interested in the three girls that he supposedly but didnt breed back in nov and dec.

The girls that were ultrasound Ed are named lily and butterscotch.

My doe that I'm certain is pregnant is named Alice. Alice s mother is named angel.

The goats that I bought together and brought home on January 14 are named lily, butterscotch and rosemary.

Butterscotch and lily were ultrasound Ed by the vet "in passing" on or around may 9th.

So on this past Friday butterscotch appeared to loose her plug. She also isolated herself in a corner and has over the last few weeks been exhibiting many of the same behaviors as my for sure pregnant doe especially standing for long periods with her front feet on the mineral block. However when Alice lost her plug it was just visible for one day and the. Again about two weeks after that she had some visible mucous. Butterscotch had the plug looking thing but has had some mucous leaking almost continuously since the. And there is some caked around her tail. Could she be pregnant even after a negative ultrasound?

And here's the real kicker . . . Little lily who doesn't even have any udder development had a plug type thing last night come out. Could she be pregnant even after a negative ultrasound? OR

Did bringing the buck home three weeks ago cause those two to go into heat in July? The boy I brought them from said they were lamanchas but they are so small I suspect them to be mixed with something (maybe its something that cycles year round). However this is the first time any of them have bad any mucous discharge like this.

The mucous from all the "plugs" looked the same when it was in their vulva--like white thick snot stuck in there.

What do you think?

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First, the vet could have missed the kids on ultrasound. Depending on how big the kids were, the bigger they are, the harder to see on ultrasound. My vets always go in rectally to do ultrasounds so I do question the ones that just do it from the side. I think it is just going to be a wait and see for you.

If your girl is building an udder, then she is probably going to kid. They can udder up right before giving birth. You may have some in heat and some ready to kid. Only time will tell. Since you know an end date, you can figure out when the last day to kid should be. It is 150 days for the full size goats and 145 for Nigerians.
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