I am so sorry (long wordy and with pics)

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  1. Ok, I am SO sorry. I always feel bad when I am away too long and feel I have not made the proper time to chime in. Then again I have been so busy. Well I did get to pick up some of my new arrivals this weekend. I got back yesterday and still have so many registrations to catch up on. That is next but I did want to share the new kids. I finally got the site updated between last night and today. Well at least with the parts that counts. I did change one of the does I got and ended up with two more I was not counting on. Keep in mind the winter coat is not the best for pics but we are very exsited. Well, let's get started.

    Here is one of the new does I was not planning on. She is a bottle baby and just too cute. She took to me and I could not leave her behind. Her name is Celine.
    This is Spock, if you remember I was to get a Blue Buck and that changed so I got the Moonspoted boy instead. Well, this little guy became a replacement buck that I did not know was being replaced so I have three bucks new to us this year now. LOL
    Of course Loretta came home.
    And Shanelle is now here. She is half sister to Robin.
    Now this is Blue Fox. I was to get her mother Silver Fox but took her instead. She is also bred to a very nice black and white buck.
    Squash Blossom is now here as well. She is a polled mini and we are exsited to have her.
    Then here is Daphne and she is do anyday now bred to the same black and white buck. I have to take better pics though. I am sorry to say her winter coat is in and half blown since she was in the barn so long due to the mug at her old home. She looks plum awful, coat wise but I will try and get some decent pics later today. Well, that is is for now. The rest I get later. Four more to go and off to my paperwork for now. Thanks all for reading. :grouphug:
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    Congrats on all your new goaties and babies to come! Sounds like your pretty darn busy! :greengrin:

    OOps, almost forgot to also say....they are all very pretty, handsome and cute little ones :love: .

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    Congrats JD they all look great. How is Cheryl doing? Is her place far from where you are at? I was just there last March. Love the little buckling! :drool:
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    Very nice! Spock is my fav but they are all cute!
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    All of them are so cute! :) I have to say my favorites are loretta and Daphne!
  6. Thanks everyone! To be honest, I love them all. And the little buck was too cute to pass up. As for Loretta and Daphne, I had to have Loretta back and Daphne was something I wanted right when I saw her. She is so laid back and calm. The trip home she just looked at me like, I hate this but to make you happy, we will do it.

    Cheryl is a little over 3 hours from me, not far at all. She is doing well. I almost came home with Checks the other little doe she had but I had to say no more with 4 on the way and two kids being kept back by the two new girls. LOL SO many new additions. HEHE She has a very nice buck left as well. After while I will post pics of the Sire and Dam on these two, as well as the buck bred to the girls. Trying to complete these registrations, Almost done!
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    Very nice looking additions JD!! I think that Loretta is just gorgeous :love:

    Hoping the coming days are less busy for you...and you get to enjoy those new goats!
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    oh dont be sorry, you were busy! :)

    awesome additions, cute kids!!
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    They are gorgeous...JD.... :hug:
  10. Well, I am happy to say I am SO happy to have sent out the last registration for that registry for now. Boy, 150.00 later and oh so tired. LOL Thank you all for your comments.

    Ok, now for the fun stuff. The parents of the babies. HEHE Spock is very nice I know but let me tell you, on the way home her was a little brat. When I brough Robin home, remeber she slept in the front all the way home. Celine, stood on the counsil and put her head on my holder and neck. Spock, and I love the name...those ears are too much, was all over me the car getting into everything. Clearly he did not see it logical to stay in his chair.

    Ok here is Spock's Sire
    And his Dam

    Here is Celine's Sire
    And her Dam.
    And here is Texas Venture who is the sire to the future kids.
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    They all are so nice!! Congrats on all the new additions! You must be so thrilled!
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    Congrats on all the new additions, you sure have a wonderful bunch there. :stars:
  13. Well, here is may bad news. The new brown and white doe, Daphne had two tri colored does that were just georgous and they were dead. I am guessing it was the stress of the move that did it.

    As for Celine, she got too close to the new mom I assume and was butted pretty hard. As she was dead this moring too and was fine when I went to bed and checked everyone around 11:30-12:00am. She was very close to the other kids so that is why I assume she got too close. She is not a mean doe at all so it may just be the newness still, who knows. Anyway, not a great day here. We have never lost kids here yet so it was not so easy to fine but I guess it was bound to happen.
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    oh no...thats so horrible! I'm so sorry!
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    oh my JD I am so sorry -- what a tragic loss :hug:
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    Aww, JD, I am so sorry you lost them :hug: Yes, the stress could caused the premature delivery...and yes, an over protective mama can be very aggressive, it is that strong maternal instinct.