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I Can Finally Relax...

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This summer has been crazy. During June, I had in-class Driver's Ed every weekend. I got my Learner's Permit and I'm now working on doing drive times. I also had summer school. I had to take English online because I couldn't fit it into my schedule next school year. Between all that, I'm still volunteering at the vet clinic. This is how I have felt most of the time: :GAAH:. Like I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Today, I finished my summer school!!!! 2 semesters in 7 weeks!! :D Tomorrow, I have to go to Ben Davis HS to take my final exams, but after that I'm done!!! My parents are rewarding me by taking me out to dinner and getting my ears pierced! (Yes, I'm 15 and don't have my ears pierced.) My dad is also going to take me fishing Friday. It's so nice to finally just sit back and relax and enjoy my summer....Ahhhh
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I feel like you guys have it so easy, regarding getting a drivers license :(
We can get a learners license at 16, where you have to do a quiz on a computer at the RTA.
Then you have to do 120 hours of driving. !!!!
And I think 20 of those hours have to be at night time.
After you've had your learners for a year and all your hours, you can get your "Ps" which lets you drive alone but with restrictions (only 90km/h, curfews etc)
I'm 18 in three weeks and still don't have my Ps because I don't have time to do the hours :(

Correct me if I'm wrong but I wish I learnt to drive over there :p

In the state below mine, I am fairly sure you have to wait until you're 17 before you can even get your learner license!
No wonder we have people 19-20 years old who still can't drive *rolls eyes*
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