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I Can Finally Relax...

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This summer has been crazy. During June, I had in-class Driver's Ed every weekend. I got my Learner's Permit and I'm now working on doing drive times. I also had summer school. I had to take English online because I couldn't fit it into my schedule next school year. Between all that, I'm still volunteering at the vet clinic. This is how I have felt most of the time: :GAAH:. Like I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Today, I finished my summer school!!!! 2 semesters in 7 weeks!! :D Tomorrow, I have to go to Ben Davis HS to take my final exams, but after that I'm done!!! My parents are rewarding me by taking me out to dinner and getting my ears pierced! (Yes, I'm 15 and don't have my ears pierced.) My dad is also going to take me fishing Friday. It's so nice to finally just sit back and relax and enjoy my summer....Ahhhh
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I know how you feel!! Lol I had does kidding like crazy, had school with 8 projects every 2 weeks and had FCAT (like final exams but we also had them) & I had drivers Ed with alg. 2 online.
Feels great to be done!!
Did you have to take drivers Ed to get your permit? Because down here in FL we get our permit on our own then do drivers Ed and take the test with out instructor. (And get your license if you pass).
Either way, CONGRATS!!:)
I actually found parallel parking (without other cars around us lol) very easy.
It was scary though! Don't think I'd ever use it, even if I had to. :)

I found that I drive MUCH better with my dads f259 rather than the stupid Malibu or 1990 old Chevy cavilere..... (Cars, I hate em) lol. So I'm not surprised you did good with the truck:)

Good luck with parallel parking!! 1 months exactly til my 16th birthday and boy oh boy, I dont wanna start driving! Lol:)
See if I try & drive a car, I get lightheaded and start to see stars (means I'm getting a migraine) probably from stress. I hate being low. I feel like someone is going to crush me.

I'm fine with backing out of somewhere like a drive way but honestly, backing INTO a driveway, it's gunna take me a few tries.
I guess I'm a weird driver lol. :) I also am much better at straight parking lot parking when cars are next to the space rather than a empty Parkin lot. :)

For parallel Parkin, all you have to do is line your back tires with the front line. Stop completely. Then turn your wheel all the way to the right and reverse.
You should be in it!:) lol
Im fine with driving except on highways. Because people are so stupid these days, I get REALLY mad easily & I would much rather walk:)
Yeah. You're right.

If my family stayed in Canada I would have to get learners at 15.5 then you get a second learners at 16 then your license at 16.5 or 17?
That SUCKS! IMO. Lol

But were semi illegally here. (Mom was born in the states but nana & papa weren't)
Yeah. Some people are weird!

My brother waited until he was 17 to get his & we drove his first truck home from my dads store, he said to me "why did I wait so long?!"
I hate driving but I like the feeling of being able to go somewhere without asking my mom cause she is a realtor and is REAL busy....
I'm lucky to have split parents, one who is physco & the other knowing I could be worse, all I do is make her drive 8 hours to get new goats!(;
No drugs or drinking, like my whole darn school!!!
That is very true.....

Hey, get back to work!!:p lol
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