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I hear you on the work! I am up at 4 am, making lunches for both of us, husband leaves at 4:45, I then go do milking and other chores, I get home from work (I have an hour commute) milk, do all the other chores, we have chickens, 3 acres to water, about 4 gardens and an orchard, then I drag myself inside to start supper, about that time husband gets home (his commute right now is 1 1/2 hours plus working 10 - 11 hour days), he eats and goes to bed. Then some kitchen clean up time and off to bed with me. This is only temporary so I can handle it.

All that to say this: I love my goats, and the wonderful milk I get from them. If I have to get up at 3 to get everything done (again, temporary) I will. Trust me it does get easier. I have a girl really hard to milk, I just kept after it and now she is one of my easier milkers. Don't give up!!
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