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My goats are running with my sheep herd in my grazing rotation. 5 weeks ago i found Babe hanging in a V made by two trees. She was realy stuck. with a lot of effort i got her out of the trees but she just fell down the ditch slope and fell in to the ditch water. I quick grabbed her by her horns and pulled her out of the ditch.
Crud she had no use of her hind legs. What alarmed me more was the bright eyed goat i found was no longer bright eyed and was failing fast. I slung her over the seat f my ATV and headed to the ranch.
As i drove the ATV i went through the symptoms she had trying to decide what i should treat her for.
How long was she in the tree? It was less that 24 hours because the herd was moved in to the paddock the night before.
so not low sugar
when I pulled her out of the tree she cried in pain. SHOCK dang and then she fell in to the cold ditch water!!
She was in big trouble and i had to act fast
I had just washed my heavy winter coat and it was dry and hanging on the rack. It fit her perfect. I went in the house and got a new pain med that the vet had just given us and on the way out of the house i grabbed the animal crackers. Babe loves them.
I gave her the shot for pain and stuck an animal cracker in her mouth. I wanted to know if the pain killer was working. she just held it in her mouth. but then the light came back in her eyes and she eat it. i gave her another one and another. after three hand fulls of animal crackers i told her that is enough.
before i went to bed she was resting comfortably and eating hay.
After a wile i decided she had a cracked pelvis. she moved just like my dog was when she was run over by a truck.
I have kept her close to the shop for the last 5 weeks. and today i found her standing eating bind weed. It stopped me in my tracks.
I sure hope no one saw this fat old man dancing a jig next to a goat in the front of my shop.

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Great ending to what could have been tragic..good job. Dance away!!
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