i have 2 questions...buck/minerals & feeding a preg doe

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by goattee22, Aug 9, 2010.

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    Nov 7, 2009
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    So first question...my new buck eats his loose minerals like its food! At first I was thinking well he must have been deficient...but its been a few weeks and he eats every crumb after I fill his little mineral feeder. The feeder holds at least 2-3 handfuls. Is this normal or can he "overdose" on minerals? Should I just keep it out free choice or just fill the feeder once a week?

    Second question. .... when should I cut grain back on a pregnant doe so her kid doesn't grow to large? Is it early or late pregnancy?

    Ok that's all for now! Thanks!
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    sorry I can't help with the mineral question. I was always told a goat will eat what they need, BUT, I don't know if it's common for them to get carried away. I'd think though that since it's summer/hot they would need more mineral?

    I was told for does, to cut back a little about 4 weeks before they kid as that's when the babies grow more.

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    The last 2 months ...Late in pregnancy.... is when... the babies grow the most.... :wink:

    Your goat 's body is craving and lacking something that is in the...loose salt and minerals.... it is OK ...to keep it out there ...at all times...keep it free choice....it won't hurt them ..as it is their bodies ....that have to have it....some need more than others....that is why they lick alot of it or just once in a while....do you have the one... with copper in it?
    as your goat gets what it needs...then they will slow down on it..... and you will fill it less.. It is like us ....when our bodies crave table salt ...we sprinkle more on... :wink: . :thumb: