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I have two questions(:

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Question #1: So I have a 9 month old nig. Doe. She is a little small for her size, a little thin and she has a pretty scruffy coat. Should I get some grain for her? Would calf manna or goat chow be ok?

Question #2: I also have a 4 yr old Pygmy doe. She is feeding twin doelings right now. Should I also give her calf manna or goat chow?
Is it ok for the adult goats to have goat chow if I buy some? Thanks:D
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Yes I would grain them both and add calf manna to the grain. Build them up slowly. I would also have them checked to see if they have worms and a coccidia problem.
How old are the does kids? If they are 12 weeks old they should be weaned.
Do they have loose minerals and enough hay?
How much should you build up to? I'm trying to put weight on my does before breeding. A 45lb pygmy, a 55lb nigi, and a 50lb minimancha. The package just has instructions for standard goats.
I really can not speak for the small breeds so I won't try, but give the calf manna slow. It always causes the runs in my heard.

Also it could be a cooper def with the rough coat and yes get a fecal sample to the vet.

That momma does need grain why she is feeding her babies.
I would say at least a pound a day of high protein grain, maybe two pounds. If you can't get a high protein grain (18%+) then add more manna.
With my dairy kids I try to get them eating 2lbs of grain a day (a mix of grain, alfalfa pellets, sun flower seeds, manna, and cob)

Sometimes I feed the kids straight manna, and they do great on it (1.5lbs of manna)

I used to have pygmies, let me see if I can find my old books with my notes on how I fed them.
Def. Get a fecal done, her scruffy coat and being thin couldbe worms, include a cocci check..give her a good look over to be sure there is no lice...
could be mineral def as well, like Lori suggested..
Well actually the twins are about 5 months old:rolleyes: and so should I
just get calf manna instead and I also planned on adding BOSS to.
Oh and does it help with growing kids as well? I have them two twins and another 6 month old too
I would get grain and calf manna, grain for the primary feed for weight gain (with hay of course), and calf manna as a topdress.
And I would definitely wean the kids.
Ok thanks:)
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