I joined a while lurking i learned a lot.....

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Carmen in NC, Jan 26, 2021.

  1. Carmen in NC

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    I joined back in 2019 when I got my baby goats, I read and read all I could and learned from all of you, this year my does are having babies, I also purchased a beautiful buck and here I am.. hope to keep learning and learning..
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  2. NigerianNewbie

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    Jun 5, 2018
    Central NC
    You've chosen a top notch forum to get your learning from. Thing is, just when you think you've got most things down pat, these goat creatures will throw you for a loop. Usually the members of this group have been there, done that, and this collective wisdom is priceless.

  3. happybleats

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    Sep 12, 2010
    Gustine Texas
  4. ksalvagno

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    Welcome to TGS!
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  5. JML Farms

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    Dec 31, 2020
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    This site is better than any book you could read about anything goat! And you can ask questions!
  6. MadHouse

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    :groupwelcome:Welcome! It’s a fantastic forum!
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  7. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    Welcome, glad you are here. :)
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