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  1. Annette Buse

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    Elverta Ca
    My name is Annette and I’m new to this group.
    I’m also a new goat owner, I have had horses, cows, chickens but first time for goats.
    I have been reading a lot off this site for the last year now( which is how long I owned my Nigerians girls)
    I had no idea before getting these guys, that there was so much to making sure they are healthy.
    Thank goodness for this site as it has helped me more then I can say.I have learned so much from here, but know I have much more to learn.
    Anyway I have three Nigerian girls all pregnant, due dates starting in three weeks. Also have two bucks.( which I got about 51/2 months ago)
    Thank you for letting me join and for so much wonderful information.

  2. Moers kiko boars

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    Apr 22, 2018
    Hey Annette! Glad you are hear! All of us love pictures of goats. Be sure and share some with us ! Ive been doing goats for over 4 years now. I still feel like I have tons to learn. Lots of great teachers and fun things on this site. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.
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    Sep 21, 2018
    How exciting it's going to be around your place soon with the bouncy baby nigi's :)
    We have a great Kidding area and it'll help you and your new mommas get ready for their big days!
    I can't wait to see pictures!
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  4. Annette Buse

    Annette Buse New Member

    Elverta Ca
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  5. Annette Buse

    Annette Buse New Member

    Elverta Ca
    Thank you, I am very excited but really nervous as well. I will post pictures soon!!
  6. MellonFriend

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    Nawww, there's no reason to be nervous! We are all really friendly people here, and our philosophy is there are no stupid questions, so ask away! You'll find some great help here with no judgement! And with three girls pregnant you seem to be doing pretty well so far.(thumbup)

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