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I married him for a reason

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My husbands complains all the time about my goats... I walk in my room tonight after asking him to watch her while I check something in the kitchen and see him with my 3 week old nubian sound asleep in my bed , lol I knew I married that man 15 years ago for a reason ( he secretly loves them)

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Aww how sweet. Crazygoats you sure scored!
He's a Keeper!!
That's how my dad is. He says he doesn't like them and they are too much work but he really does like them :D
My dad loves the animals. He loves them too much sometimes. LOL
I just don't understand people who don't love animals though. I had a man tell me he hated animals and wished they all were dead and that literally just FLOORED me, not only is it so hateful and crass, but so stupid, we wouldn't exist on the earth if not for animals. Oh well some people.
That is so cute. :)
I would hold on to that one if I were you.
That is too funny and sweet! Any guy that marries a farm girl HAS to at least secretly like animals. :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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