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I messed up and now my doe is suffering for it

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I am so ashamed one of my does had some runny poo so I called the vet and we got a positive facial sample so he told me to worm her.....I felt sorry for her and grace her a good helping of cracked corn. The next day her poo is now horribly runny and a creamy coffee color. I am worried that the corn was the wrong idea? Any suggestions?
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Just don't do that again,,,,,,,,,,,,,pumpkin would help them. I do not believe mine have had corn except what is in the Caprine Challenger. Life is a learning experience.................hope they are feeling better now
I would give her milk of magnesia or C&D Antitoxin. Definitely no type of grain until she is back to normal poop.

Definitely never give her a lot of corn again. Goats shouldn't have much corn.
If you gave her wormer at the same time as the corn the dieoff could be upsetting her system as well.
I second what has been said, only don't kick yourself. :hug:
I agree with what has been said.

As mentioned, don't be hard on yourself, we all learn and sometimes mind you, it is the hard way, we all have been there.:hug:

You are a good goat momma, think of it this way, you are here asking for advice aren't you? :thumbup:;)
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