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I need an opinion :O

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I am thinking about getting more goats and I really wanted a fainting goat and a nubian but I have preditors in the area and I am worried about the fainting goat getting eaten if a preditor comes and scares it and the goat just falls over. Is there anything I can do to stop this or is it a bad choice to get one of these? The preditors around are cougars, coyotes, moose, ect.
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best way to go about it is to have really great fencing, locking the goats up at night, and having a livestock guardian (or a few).
I own a fainter and we have coyotes and roaming dogs. In the morning she gets put out after sun rise and generally we bring her in before sunset.. Good fencing and locking them in at night will help!
Great Pyrenees will protect anything you feed. They bond with your animals and will protect them or you could get a donkey I've seen them attack coyotes .
All great advice.
I wanted fainters too. Boyfriend won't let me get any. :/

The 10 year old would likely chase and scare them mind you!
I have a fainter too & live in very rural NH...we don't have Mountain Lions anymore but we do still have wolves & coyotes, & dogs, etc. I also pen her up tight at night but that's really all....I also have my own large dogs & a 4yo wether that took a "buck's job" & protects them but I've never so much as SEEN anything around the goats that shouldn't be. They're AWESOME goats..very respectful of barriers/fencing & very mild-mannered...have fun! :dazed:
Is there anywhere i can buy fencing for my goats that is fairly inexpensive and is not falling apart?
I thought u already had goats..... A prego lamanca and a new baby?
Is there anywhere i can buy fencing for my goats that is fairly inexpensive and is not falling apart?
If and when you can, let me know where to get it ;-)

Best bet is CL, any farm/livestock auctions nearby? I don't know if you'll find 'inexpensive' but cheaper than new, yes.

I went with electric fence, it's cheaper, depending on the charger you buy. It has it's ups and downs and has to be set up correctly. But it is cheaper.
When it comes to your animals' safety don't be cheap. You not only need to keep your animals in but most importantly you need to be able to keep the predators out. My advice: don't get your animals until you have a good strong fence and a good, dry shed. It is worth spending the extra $$ which will save you a lot of headaches and heartbreaks in the future. We recently bought 500ft of 5ft fence with posts and all for a very good price on ebay.
You definitely need a safe shelter for them! Even if they don't faint the predator will still get them. Also, make sure you get 2 because goats are extremely social animals and will drive you crazy with their crying if it doesn't have a buddy. Good luck!!
Darlaj I said I want to get MORE goats.... Read carefully
Oooooh! Must have missed that ..... Not shocking on my end I have very bad ADHD :). But hey nobody perfect right? Hehe
Sorry I'm not trying to be rude...
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