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Hey all! Sorry I've been MIA for so long! Just took a 1200 mile move from Kansas to Utah! Been here for two months and just found a stable that will let me board goats! So I'm having my big baby and show doe, Gold Rush, hauled in from MO. And now ive found the most stunning paint doe for sale in WA, close to the girls at Crossroad Boers! Many of you may have heard them mention 'Leaning tree' And hopefully I'll be able to add a leaning tree girl to my makeshift herd! Plus, i'll have a doe from Crossroads next spring too! Okay, so i want y'alls opinion on this big girl!!

Harvey Creek Hero’s Paintbrush

75% PAINT doe; sells exposed to CSB Gauge’s G-Force *Ennobled*

DOB: 8/18/10 (3 years old)

Exposure date from 9/27/13 to current date: due 2/24/14 on..

Sire: Leaning Tree A. Hero (2X Overall Ch Buck, 1X Res Overall Ch Buck)
Dam: CONI G545

Info: A very pretty paint % doe that should produce some beautiful % kids from her exposure to G-Force!
She’s in the prime of her life, and a beautiful doe! She’s an easy keeper, and is getting a little too chubby on our farm! If I retain her, she’s going out on our rangeland pasture during her pregnancy!

Price: $200


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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