I want to play "The price is right" what do you think?!

Discussion in 'Photogenic' started by goatboat, Nov 8, 2010.

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    Okay guys, thought this would be fun, plus I would like to know if I over paid on some of my purchases. I will tell you all what I paid on them at the end. Please be honest, you won't hurt my feelings.

    I am providing a link to my photobucket album.

    http://s1089.photobucket.com/albums/i35 ... 0critters/

    I have ALL kinds of critters listed, but most are my goats (and ducks, couldn't resist my feathery sleeping non-quackers :dance: )

    This is just for fun, tell me what you think! I don't have any pedigreed animals except for my registered clydesdale stallion which I purchased 5 years ago, I don't really care how much I paid for him since he brought me years of fun, love and friends (you can't walk off the property with him and expect people not to talk to you, lol)
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    OK I really have no idea but here is what I came up with
    Magic$125, Soaron $100, Gil-galad$1000, Henry$500, Ducks$5 each, Skushy$75, Loveit$100, Fate$125, Karma$150, Iceis$150, Moonshine$125, Hunny Bunny$100, Galadale$150, Geese$15 each.

    So those are my guesses lets see if I win.

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    Jun 23, 2010
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    Is Gil-galad a Clydstale? He looks like one. LOVE them and I would give $5k for him, they are very pricey in this area for clydes.
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    Well, lets see who gets a cookie!

    Gil-Galad is a registered 7 year old clydesdale stallion purchased 5 years ago as a 2 year old. He was my first horse (my second horse was my donke, Henry). I purchased him from a breeder in Walkerton, Indiana for about 5,500 sight-unseen. I woud recommend them as a wonderful breed to do business with! Their names are Tom and Donna Kabacki; very trust worthy people! Sold us a wonderful horse at an awesome price. If you want a Clydesdale I HIGHLY recommend buying from them (sorry for the ad plug for them, but I really am grateful for a wonderful horse). When I got him he was not broke to ride and I did everything myself. He's an awesome trail horse, great with kids, wonderful around mares and will do ANYTHING I ask him to do! I wouldn't sell him for all the money in the world! It's hard to say how much he is worth now, I've seen a 10year old gelding sell for $10,000 last year in FL, but I know the economy sucks too, it's anyones guess what a real price would be for him.

    Now, my little goats!
    Soaron (my black Nubian/alpine 8monthold buck) was purchased for $50
    HunnyBunny was purchased for $50
    Fate (the tan headed boer doe) was purchased for $70
    MoonShine(the dark brown headed boer doe) was purchased for $110
    Galadale(the prego nubian/alpine doe) was purchased for $110
    Loveit(the little doeling cashmere) was bought for $70
    my 2 great pyrs $200 each
    magic was purchased for $100 (couldn't believe I got a little heifer! I'm so excited to get milk from her when she's old enough of course!)
    Skushy was bought for $35
    Most of the Mascovys were purchased from a breeder getting out of Mascovys (because his wife wouldn't eat them or their eggs because they were ugly ducks :ROFL: ) for $2 each some bought else where were 5-9$
    Geese were $10 each

    I'm cheap! I know it, but I don't think I did TOO badly on my purchases (no sense in saving money if it's not even worth while to having them). I've been blessed with these goats (and dogs and horses and donkeys and geese and ducks :stars: and all my fury or feathery creatures!) They've brought us a lot of love and happiness!

    Thanks for playingthe game! you both get a cookie :stars: