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    Oct 17, 2007
    Hi fellow Idaho breeders and others who are checking this thread out. My name is Briana and I raise LaManchas and Miniature Oberhaslis. This will be my first kidding season with my own LaManchas-although they were the first goats I were around when my folks used to raise them. I also raise Mini Oberhaslis which are a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf and an Oberhasli. I will have Mini Oberhasli babies available for sale this spring-I may offer package deals if I have lots of kids available. I am taking reservations now. Please check out my website for more . My folks raise Saanens and have a few Saanen grades to-their website is . My mom went to the National show this year and did pretty good for her first time at a National show with the Saanens.

    Redneck Acres LaManchas and Miniature Oberhaslis
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    South Texas
    Nice to meet you neighbor!

    I was looking at your site and noticed some of yours also have Phantasma in the pedigree. Are those the Nigerians? I have a AGS Buck from Phantasma farm!

    Do you ever get blue eyes in those mini oberhaslis???

    I have thought about getting an Angora buck and breeding pygoras a bit also! All but two of my freshinings this year were accidents thanks to hubby loving the couch to much....LOL! I guess when you go from city life to living in the country in a cabin with a bigscreen that has NFL ticket and a hot tub - you can't expect the hubby to help in the barn...LOL!

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    I added your breeder listing but I thought I would just move this so others could see. I was deleting all the entries after I moved them into the breeder listing but didnt want to delete your hello to everyone
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    No, mine are all mini oberhaslis. However, I know the gal that has that(she no longer has goats) herd name and she used to raise Nigerians-I acquired one of hers through some friends of ours who won a couple Nigeian does in a raffle and that is how I began with the mini oberhaslis. Yes, blue eyes can occur in the mini oberhaslis and other mini breeds-However, that is one of my goals to stay away from the blue eyes. Yes, they look neat-but I want my minis to look like mini oberhaslis and not so much like the Nigerians which is where the blue eyes come from. Although most breeders dont have a problem with the blue eyes. Oh and Thanks Stacey:).
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    Oct 4, 2007
    Welcome to The Goat Spot.
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    Welcome Welcome Welcome!!!! :D