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The bigger gas trucks seem like they usually get less mileage than the diesels BUT.... diesel fuel costs more per gallon, diesels use WAY more oil per oil change (our F350 7.3L takes 15 qts and my 1500 Chevy gas takes 6 qts, I think the bigger gas engines are about the same) and they have two batteries that typically have to be replaced at the same time. I really like our diesel but mostly because I like the way they sound. Some diesels can be pretty touchy to start in cold weather, but will do better if they are plugged in to warm the glow plugs some before you start it.

If you get a diesel do not get a ford 6.0L diesel. That engine was made from about 2004-2006 and is pretty well known for being a lemon. We had one and every time we hauled with it we pretty much knew it would be in the shop afterwards. Most of the problems weren't little problems either, like the oil cooler, injectors and many other things!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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