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I'm from Mississippi, too! Dixie's story...

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Hi, all! Looking forward to getting to know y'all! I came to your site in hopes of learning more about a rescue that we acquired back in August.

Dixie's arrival is a bit of a mystery! My neighbor called one day (we live in a rural area) to tell me her dog had hemmed up a goat in her car shed! To our knowledge, no one around us raises goats! My friend called all the neighbors, and no one knew a thing about her. And since I have a reputation for rescuing and releasing wildlife, my friend called me.

I drove over to my friend's house and heard Dixie crying...she was all alone in a dog pen, far away from the house. I let myself into the pen and eventually coaxed her over to me.

That was it! I was hooked! She rode home in my lap, and I put her in a large extra pen that I had. (I also raise peacocks, chickens, geese, Corgis, etc.) At the time, I also had a rescued Royal Palm turkey we named Cujo...big old sweetie...and he and Dixie had adjoining pens. They quickly became pals, too!

Long story short, she is our first goat, so we're learning as we go! Can anyone tell me what breed she is? Her picture is my profile pic.

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Pretty girl! That was really nice of you to take her in.

Welcome to TGS!
Oh, it was a no-brainer! She's still skiddish ,but she's a sweetie pie!

And thanks for welcoming me! Think you can point me in the direction of what breed she might be? The curiosity is getting to me! Lol!
welcome to the spot!! from central texas

Its great you could take her in!! ...hard to get a real good look to what breed...looks pygmy but her legs are too long..alpine like ears...hummm...??
It's not that I'm a stickler for pure breeds, I just know that there can be health issues with certain breeds, as well as maintenance to do. Gotta take care of my sweetie!
Maybe a side view and front view with clear picture of her head would help. She is probably some sort of mix but it is hard to tell in that picture.
Also, I believe she's full grown. She comes up just above my knee, if that helps!
Her winter coat has come in now. Would that hinder identification, do you think? I'll get some more pictures tomorrow afternoon.
I dont think you have anything to worry about there,..Nubian are the only breed I know of with a genetic disorder that can be passed down...she does not look Nubian : ) Maybe spanish goat? either way..I can keep guessing and sooner or later get it right lol...

shes not full grown yet..her horns are way too tiny : )

You will want to start her on quality grain and hay along with loose mineral.. goat buddy would be very good for her...goats are herd animals and do much better with a buddy...
as for a quick check up
Rub her all over check for lumps bumps and boo boo's
the red hair on her thigh and flared tail end suggest she is copper defeciant...
Have a fecal done ASAP to see if she needs worming...
check her eyes for anemia...just pull that bottle eye lid down and rill it a want to see deep pink to red
trim her hooves if needed : )

best wishes
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