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I'm Not Appreciated

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I have been feeding Sport a peanut butter, garlic and cayenne sandwich daily (for his immune system), but been forgetting to put drops in his eyes (he has pinkeye). So today I thought I would take a warm rag and wash the gunk away from his eyes so I could get a good look at how he is doing. By the time I was finished, my right foot was bruised, my left leg scratched up, ranch partner's foot was stepped on, and I think the chair can speak for itself.

Then I tried to get some pouch pictures of the 2 Nubians I just purchased who are suppose to be pregnant. I got really good shots of both girls pooping.

Yes Sport, You did that!

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Some days it just don't pay to get out of bed! :lol: Peanut butter, garlic and cayenne?!?! Ewwwwwww! He actually eats that? :eek: :confused:
LOL....I live with bruises I can remember how I got lol...sorry he was such a booger
They can be a handful. :(
Oh wow, that sandwich packs a powerful punch!! Lots of goodies in those ingredients! Love it.
Oh my! :eek:

Stinks when they decide to be buggers like that :p
I live with bruises.. LOL:) I never remember how I get them, but I think there from my buck and his girlfriend.. the one with horns as well.. But my buck has destroyed two of my step dads barquers.. lol:) I think I need to get them a couple yoga balls and a few tire swings, and some to just jump on too:)..
Some days it just don't pay to get out of bed! :lol: Peanut butter, garlic and cayenne?!?! Ewwwwwww! He actually eats that? :eek: :confused:
He loves my sandwiches, you really should try one:D I take a piece of wheat bread, spread peanut butter on it, then chop up some raw garlic and sprinkle cayenne powder on it. The garlic and cayenne powder are very healthy. Garlic is an antibiotic, antivirus, and has some antiparasitic properties. I fold it in half and he comes running when he sees one and eats it whole. He really loves it, thinks it is the best.

Sport and my other goats also love Vit. C tablets. Gobbles them up like candy, right off my palm. I have read pinkeye is actually a Vit. A deficiency. Bolusing is such a pain so today I decided today to see if he would eat the Vit. A pill the same way. So I placed a Vit. A in my palm, along with several Vit. C tablets. He gobbled them all up like they were M&M's.
Thank you for the offer, but I believe I will pass. I would hate to deprive Sport of his sandwich. :laugh:
I actually might try that.. I have a baby weather that has a parasite and ammonia.. He actually was almost on his death bed, and we were on vacation and got a vet call.. we had my grandparents go pick up his meds.. I really hope that he will est the sandwich..
Make sure your boy has copper too. I learned from Natural Goat Care that when goats have plenty of copper in them they are much healthier and rarely get worms.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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