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    Hi guys, just wanted to let you know im still here. I have spent the last couple of hours reading and catching up on posts and i think i have about done it. I have been really busy. I have recently started seeing someone. Things are going great, He is in the military and recently out of a divoce, But right up my alley as far as interests go. We both love reading and read a lot of the same authors. He grew up on a farm in Kansas, and enjoys animals as much as i do. I Had sunday off (for the first time in forever it seems) we went to fort Warden (and of course i forgot my camera) It was a beautiful sunny day but a bit cold. We hiked all over the park and batteries. It was a lot of fun exploring the fort and gunnery. Its so neat living in an area with so much history. Neither one of us had ever been to Warden before. We're aiming to go fort flaggler next time, and yes i will bring my camera!
    This weekend we have plans for him to come here. He has lived in Washington for 12 years and never been to the island. Im thinking we're going to hit deception pass of the weather permits.
    Along with all that hiking my screwed up ankle has been pretty sore, which i thought it would. But i guess the only thing i can do is keep pushing through it.
    The older of my two brothers went in for surgery monday morning. He had a co worker drop a pipe wrench on his wrist about a month ago breaking a small bone in his hand. Well it turned out that he has broke a bone previously. The old break went un detected, and didnt heal right. Causing lack of blood flow to that area. He had a bone graft taken from his hip and put in his wrist. If that doesnt work then he has to have it partially fused. Its about the same thing thats going on with my foot and ankle. But i just dont have the insurense. Ah well another time maybe.
    Im riding just about everyday of the week trying to get jewel ready for the first show of the year, november 22. Im really excited and hoping this one goes better then last seasons first show!
    Anywho....I just thought i would give ya'll a little update on where things are headed in my life.
  2. Well, glad you are here and things are going well. I can relate to busy so I understand and I think everyone needs happiness in their lives. Glad to see you are back and with us.

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    Oct 4, 2007
    great to hear it Beth -- was wondering why you were hard to reach on Yahoo been a busy girl I see. :stars:
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    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California happy... you found a good man.... :wink: ..sounds like you are happy...and busy... :wink: :greengrin:

    Sorry about your ankle.....sounds sore...hope it gets better soon.

    sorry... that your older brother... was hurt must be painful, hope he recovers quickly as well... I will pray for the both of you.. on a speedy recovery.... :pray:

    good luck on your show with Jewel.... :greengrin:
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    Sounds like a lot of excitement! Glad to hear that things are going well for you :)
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    Glad to see you still around. I completely understand. I wouldn't be on here at all except that I am very tired and cannot do anything else because it all uses too much energy. going to bed now...Zzzz.... Sweet dreams everyone. Hope everything gets better for you!