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    Oct 4, 2007
    Over the past few weeks to months there has been an overwhelming number of negative posting going on here on The Goat Spot. Although not everyone has been involved I am writing this as a warning to all.

    In each forum there is a posting of the forum rules, by now I hope all of you have read them and are aware of what is expected of you as a member. If not I suggest you take a moment to read them. viewtopic.php?f=28&t=2749

    The tone of posts by young and old has all of us moderators concerned.

    This board is an open forum and can be read by anyone that chooses to, even if they are not a member.

    Some things to remember when posting are: to think before you post, reread your post/reply before you submit it. If it in anyway could be taken the wrong way DO NOT post it! There should be no need to ask for others to not take it a wrong way since if you have to state that, it will be taken the wrong way by any number of readers.

    The forum is for ALL opinions if done in a tactful manner and rudeness of any kind will not be tolerated. If you have any questions about a post... or if you think someone is getting out of line... instead of striking back just PM or email one of us moderators and we will take care of it. We take this seriously.

    Before posting try to think of/be aware of the age and maturity of the one you are responding to. Yes we have quite a few minors on this board and realizing that they don’t always articulate themselves correctly will aid in keeping the tone of the forum friendly and not become a war zone of clashing interests and opinions.

    If a poster is deemed to be out of line there will be a “probation” period of which the member will be made aware of, lasting a couple days to weeks depending on the outcome. As we keep an eye out we see the continuation of the same actions and tone the poster will be given a formal warning. Please note the rules where it states that after 3 warnings we can ban a member from the forum. There will be no bargaining with the moderators!

    A lot of the issues can be resolved by not even posting them to begin with. Stepping away from the computer to cool off will aid you greatly in a more level headed response, and you may even find that someone else posted in the meantime that formulated what you really wanted to say hence leaving you out of it and “clean” so to speak.

    Yes it is very easy to hide behind our computer screens and write what comes to mind. But remember those who are reading it are just as human as you are and with being human comes the ability to be hurt and to misunderstand.

    The reason for this note is not to make you self-conscious that we are out to ban people or put them on moderation. The total opposite is the case. We want everyone to enjoy the forums and not feel threatened if they post a question or don’t have all their ducks in a row when seeking advice.

    We as moderators try to make ourselves accessible as possible to the members here on TGS. By clicking on the email link in our profile or on every post we make on the board you could save yourself and someone else a huge headache. Please contact us if you need to vent about something that isn’t appropriate for the open forum or if you have a concern about a member, thread, or post here on TGS.

    Now continue chatting away.

    “keep it friendly, keep it fun”

    The Admin and Moderating Staff
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    Well said, Stacey.

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    I haven't seen this...the negativity that is. You should try the horse forums. Man are they rough.
  4. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    this was an old topic I bumped up because we have a lot of action on the board and I felt it bears repeating - always good to have friendly reminders :)

    just because negativity isn't as bad as elsewhere doesnt mean its acceptable here. I have high standards, its what has made and kept TGS what it is today :thumbup:
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    ,,Hello Stacey :) .Can you tell me how I change my avater and how to ad a siniture :p
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    Foot, you can change your signature and avatar by clicking on User Control Panel then on the right you will see Profile, click on that and the option to change them will come up.

    Thanks Stacy:)
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    Thank you Stacey! I :love: TGS!