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In heat and pregnant

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The facts:
  • Four San Clemente Island does (two mother/daughter pairs)
  • All seem to go into heat every 19 to 20 days - three within a day or two of each other and one contrarian (named Kootenay) off by about 10 days.
  • New San Clemente Island buck behaves as expected starting with Kootenay and 10 days later with the other three.
  • By day 21, no sign of going into heat, but day 26, Kootenay is showing signs of going into heat though the signs seem very mild and short lived compared to normal.
  • The buck also showed interest in Kootenay but that too was mild and short lived compared to earlier.

My speculation:
I think Kootenay was briefly pregnant but lost the fetus within a few days causing the next cycle to be delayed and weaker.

Does that seem reasonable? Is it possible for a doe to show weak signs of going into heat even though she is pregnant? Other thoughts?
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Some does must release hormones that make bucks think they are in heat, during the pregnancy. I had a doe that seemed to be in heat
every 20 days even after bred with a proven buck. Fortunately, I used the same buck each time. Imagine my surprise when she kidded, 5
months after the first successful mating. (no udder development, no obvious signs of pregnancy and the buck mounted her each time!). She
did have milk for the kid and her udder developed after kidding. (darn goat!)

Goats can be strange critters! Yes, they can show heat signs. She may also have cystic ovaries- a hormone shot (from the vet) can help, if
she isn't preg. And, she certainly could have been briefly preg.
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This happened with my doe, she seemed to go in heat every month after being bred, the buck would not leave her alone, so I marked all the breeding dates and when she would be due on the calendar , she kidded 147 days from the first breeding date , so she could be pregnant or she could not be pregnant, the only way to tell is blood test, ultrasound, or wait 5 months and see if she kids. Good luck
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Well thanks for that info. Yet another instance showing that the goats have not read the goat manual. I won't worry about her then and just wait and see what happens in Sept.
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Interesting. My goat pretended to be in heat again today. Yelling, flagging and closely followed by the buck. This lasted less than an hour.
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