In heat??????

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  1. So the last couple of days I have noticed that my little niggie doe has been acting kinda wierd? Very talkative(not normal for her). And I have seen this behavior in other animals but not sure if it applied to goats, she urinated then smelled it and curled her upper lip. I was out with them today and noticed that she has sort of a snotty looking discharge coming from her hind end. Is she in heat? :shrug: And if so how long will it last? :scratch: I would really like to have her bread, but have to wait for CAE results to come back before I can take her! :(
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    Oct 4, 2007
    the mucus is a sign she is at the end of her heat. So count 18 days and plan on breeding her then.

  3. Thanks stacy! Do you think she can be teased back into a heat? I only have access to the buck till mon or tues of next week.
  4. StaceyRosado

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    very rarely does that happen and even when it does chances of her settling are very slim.

    Why do you only have such a limited access and why do you need to wait for CAE testing?
  5. The buck is being sold, he is waiting to go till the herd is serviced. I have to wait for CAE cause I just got them a few weeks ago and am not sure thier full background. I don't want to jepordize this persons herd.
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    I do know of a lot of places in order to have the doe come to visit the buck they want a CAE, CL and Johnes negative before they are aloud on the property. I had to have a few of my does tested before they could come to the buck place.
    I totally understand and I do agree. MommaB that is really good of you to do the tests. She will be back in heat before you know it.
  7. Thanks Lori I feel good about the decision to wait, even if it means I have to find another buck!
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    Oct 4, 2007
    CAE cant be spreed through breeding though Lori so I dont see the need to forgo breeding. But thats beside the point now that she is out of heat anyway
  9. how is it spread?? :scratch:
  10. nevermind I just looked up online! Though it did say that not as common, but it can happen that it can be spread through feeces. So if she goes I was going to leave her for a few days, and they all browse in the pasture together. I would think that this could be possible exsposure since the poo would be left in this persons pasture.
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    I do believe CAE is spreadable through breeding, though not common. I would not allow CAE infected goats onto our property for any purpose. So I am glad to hear you are checking your doe for CAE before getting her bred.

    As for your doe she was likely in heat. You can usually also notice that underneath their tail they will get some dried mucus stuck on there and that's another good sign that they are just out of heat, but not all does do this.
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    I agree, the only known way that CAE is spread is through colostrum and milk. But there is a lot of other speculations on how it is spread. Blood and fluids could be another way. I always want CAE neg tests before i stud out my bucks.
    Chances of getting her bred now are very thin. she is nearing the end of her heat cycle. Watch in another 18-21 days for the next one.
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    You might want to contact the buck owner and see if you can bring your doe out there exactly on day 18 and keep her there for a week. :shrug: Or a couple days. If not, then just watch for her second heat and go over there that day or possibly the next morning, does are in standing heat for 24 hours.
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    Watch her though- she could do a 5 day heat- my does are doing that A LOT this year.
    Basically they are in heat- standing heat- you breed them, they go out of heat- and for some reason they come back into heat 5 days later (sometimes even up to 7 days) and you have to breed them on that "second" heat.
  15. thanks for the info! I'm taking her out anyway, the buck may be there a little longer than expected. Yay! :clap: