Injectable or Pour On Wormer?

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    I am looking to have a chemical wormer on hand in case of an emergency. I use an herbal wormer, but I feel like I should get something chemical on hand in the event I need something fast acting. I am a bit confused about what I should purchase. My vet recommended ivermectin or cydectin so I figured I would go with ivermectin since it is a bit cheaper. Should I buy the product labeled pour on or injectable?
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    The pour on is usually used for external parasites. I use the paste for internal parasites. I know there are people who use the injectable, but I have never used it. Also, there are people who recommend using the injectable orally - which is REALLY confusing!

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    I used ivomec plus injectable for years before starting herbs. Either it or ivomec injectable is 1 cc per 40 pounds sub q or 1 cc per 33 pounds orally. Do not give oral if the goat is heavy burdened and anemic.
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    Ivomec injectable is for giving orally for worms, or as injection for anemic goats or goats with mites.

    Ivomec pour-on though, is for lice and mites.
    Pourons do not do well as wormers and should not be given orally.